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All I see are your faces and hands. Every gesture and expression from the slight to most grand held up to the filtering light. I will blend into their shade whole and impartial as I tell you everything I need us both to know. Remember I dipped my eyes deeply enough into the cloudy waters to know the changes I caused rippled farther than my vision. I built short and wide walls then tall and thin ones to contain the objects endeared to me and I to them. I worked my joints into knots over the immovable stones until what didn't become sand became so smooth I couldn't feel it anymore. I walked far enough to push against unfamiliar pressures yet I still made it back to this quiet and peopleless place. I taught you through words and example and blood to care for what sustains and to ignore what desecrates. I can tell you all this because you are listening from the prismatic shadows of our shared future and past. Maybe we are safe here.

Maybe We Are Safe Here
Maybe We Are Safe Here
Screen print on cut paper and hand-stitched fabric, thread, pine boxes, nails, ink on acetate, wall painting
Installation (Dimensions Variable)